Can time have a more dynamical role in a quantum field?

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Yau, Hou
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In the formulation of both classical and quantum theories, time is taken as an independent parameter rather than as a dynamical variable. This is in contrast with the way general relativity treats space-time which is dynamical and interacting with matters. If time and space are to be treated on the same footing as required in relativity, can time play a more dynamical role in a quantum field? Taking time as a dynamical variable, we study a wave with 4-vector amplitude that has vibrations of matter in space and time. By analyzing its Hamiltonian density equation, we find that the system has the same physical structures of a zero-spin bosonic field. This quantized real scalar field obeys the Klein-Gordon equation and Schrodinger equation. The possibility that matter has vibrations in time can lead to the quantization of a bosnoic field. Time can play a more dynamical role in a quantum field.