The measurement problem revisited

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Gao, Shan
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It has been realized that in order to solve the measurement problem, the physical state representing the measurement result is required to be also the physical state on which the mental state of an observer supervenes. This introduces an additional restriction on the solutions to the measurement problem. In this paper, I give a new formulation of the measurement problem which lays more stress on psychophysical connection, and analyze whether Everett's theory, Bohm's theory and dynamical collapse theories can satisfy the restriction of psychophysical supervenience and thus can indeed solve the measurement problem. My analysis of the potential problems of the forms of psychophysical supervenience required by Everett's and Bohm's theories suggests that dynamical collapse theories might provide a promising solution to the measurement problem. Finally, by further analyzing how the mental state of an observer supervenes on her wave function, I also propose a possible solution to the structured tails problem of dynamical collapse theories.