Isomerism and decoherence

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Foundations of Chemistry, ISSN: 1386-4238, Vol: 18, Issue: 3, Page: 225-240

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Sebastian Fortin, Olimpia Lombardi, Juan Camilo Martínez González
Springer Nature
Chemistry, Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology, Arts and Humanities
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In the present paper we address the problem of optical isomerism embodied in the socalled “Hund’s paradox”, which points to the difficulty to account for chirality by means of quantum mechanics. In particular, we explain the answer to the problem proposed by the theory of decoherence. The purpose of this article is to challenge this answer on the basis of a conceptual analysis of the phenomenon of decoherence, that reveals the limitations of the theory of decoherence to solve the difficulties posed by optical isomerism and, in general, by quantum measurement.

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