On Modern Approaches to the Einsteinian View of Quantum States

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Boge, Florian
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Quantum mechanics notoriously faces the measurement problem, the problem that if read thoroughly, it implies the nonexistence of definite outcomes in measurement procedures. A plausible reaction to this and to related problems is to regard a system’s quantum state |ψ> merely as an indication of our lack of knowledge about the system, i.e., to interpret it epistemically. However, there are radically different ways to spell out such an epistemic view of the quantum state. We here investigate new developments in the branch that introduces hidden variables λ in addition to the quantum state |ψ> and has its roots in Einstein’s views. In particular, we confront purported achievements of the view in the light of recent no-go results. It will be demonstrated that, despite the debatability of the premises of such results, they force the hidden variable theorist to make ad hoc moves which undermine the very conceptual basis of his own approach.