Ontologies of Living Beings: Introduction

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Philosophy, Theory, and Practice in Biology, ISSN: 1949-0739, Vol: 9, Issue: 20171201

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Ferner, A. M.; Pradeu, Thomas
University of Michigan Library; Michigan Publishing, University of Michigan Library
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Though the history of the interactions between ‘biology’ and metaphysics is almost as old as Western philosophy itself (Lennox 2001), it seems fair to say that there has been a resurgence of interest in this connection in the last couple of decades (e.g. Hull 1989; Millstein 2009; Clarke 2011; Dupré 2012; Pradeu 2012; Godfrey-Smith 2013; Ferner 2016; Wiggins 2016). Rediscovering this connection brings both opportunities and challenges.