The hidden arrow of electromagnetic radiation: unmasking advanced waves

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Bajlo, Darko
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Advanced potentials are generally discarded on causal or statistical grounds, as a consequence of misinterpreting advanced waves as incoming waves. Perceiving advanced waves as incoming waves is an illusion created by an anthropocentric view of time. Seen from 'nowhen', outside a block of space-time, advanced waves are also outgoing waves, the cause and source of which is a transmitting antenna just as is the case for retarded waves. The transmitting antenna radiates advanced electromagnetic waves into free space, in line with Hoghart's calculations in the Wheeler-Feynman absorber theory for an open, ever-expanding universe. The reason advanced radiation is not observed is due to the act of the observation itself, in which lies a hidden mechanism that masks advanced waves. By introducing a receiving antenna, we introduce an absorber where its advanced waves cancel out the advanced waves of the transmitting antenna. However, advanced radiation may still be detectable if the impact of the measuring instrument on the phenomenon being measured is minimized, as recent experiments with radio waves have indicated.