Present Time

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Foundations of Science, ISSN: 1572-8471, Vol: 20, Issue: 2, Page: 135-145

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Romero, Gustavo E.
Springer Nature; Springer
Multidisciplinary; Arts and Humanities
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The idea of a moving present or ‘now’ seems to form part of our most basic beliefs about reality. Such a present, however, is not reflected in any of our theories of the physical world. I show in this article that presentism, the doctrine that only what is present exists, is in conflict with modern relativistic cosmology and recent advances in neurosciences. I argue for a tenseless view of time, where what we call ‘the present’ is just an emergent secondary quality arising from the interaction of perceiving self-conscious individuals with their environment. I maintain that there is no flow of time, but just an ordered system of events.