Constructible Models of Orthomodular Quantum Logics.

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We continue in this article the abstract algebraic treatment of quantum sentential logics Wil. The Notions borrowed from the field of Model Theory and Abstract Algebraic Logic - AAL (i.e., consequence relation, variety, logical matrix, deductive filter, reduced product, ultraproduct, ultrapower, Frege relation, Leibniz congruence, Suszko congruence, Leibniz operator) are applied to quantum logics. We also proved several equivalences between state property systems (Jauch-Piron-Aerts line of investigations) and AAL treatment of quantum logics (corollary 18 and 19). We show that there exist the uniquely defined correspondence between state property system and consequence relation defined on quantum logics. We also signalize that a metalogical property - Lindenbaum property does not hold for the set of quantum logics.