Photons and temporality in quantum electrodynamics

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Bacelar Valente, Mario
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The lowest order processes described within quantum electrodynamics are free from the problem with infinities in the theory, and can be dealt with disregarding the need for charge and mass renormalization. This might indicate that the space-time description of these processes is not only consistent but also could give a privileged insight to the functioning of models provided by the theory. The Møller scattering is as R. P. Feynman considered, a prototype for the development of his rules of quantum electrodynamics and his overall space-time approach. The study of Møller scattering might then provide the most straightforward way to the understanding of the space-time description of interactions provide by quantum electrodynamics. This method is much less powerful than might be expected at first, pointing to the intrinsic limitations of the theory in what regards the modelling of the temporality in interaction processes.