Non-Local Realistic Theories and the Scope of the Bell Theorem

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Foundations of Physics, ISSN: 0015-9018, Vol: 38, Issue: 12, Page: 1110-1132

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Laudisa, Federico
Springer Nature
Physics and Astronomy
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According to a widespread view, the Bell theorem establishes the untenability of so-called 'local realism'. On the basis of this view, recent proposals by Leggett, Zeilinger and others have been developed according to which it can be proved that even some non-local realistic theories have to be ruled out. As a consequence, within this view the Bell theorem allows one to establish that no reasonable form of realism, be it local or non-local, can be made compatible with the (experimentally tested) predictions of quantum mechanics. In the present paper it is argued that the Bell theorem has demonstrably nothing to do with the 'realism' as defined by these authors and that, as a consequence, their conclusions about the foundational significance of the Bell theorem are unjustified. © 2008 Springer Science+Business Media, LLC.