Carnap, Kuhn and Revisionism: On the Publication of "Structure" in "Encyclopedia"

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Oliveira, J. C. P.
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In recent years, it may be observed a revisionist process focused on logical positivism, particularly on Carnap's work. One aspect of this revisionism is the thesis that Carnap's later thought is compatible with that of Kuhn and even that Carnap anticipates some relevant points of Kuhn's theory of science. In this paper I argue against revisionist's interpretation to the fact of publication of Kuhn's "The Structure o Scientific Revolutions" in the "Encyclopedia of Unified Science", co-edited by Carnap, as evidence of the compatibility between Carnap's and Kuhn's respective philosophies of science. I claim that from Carnap's point of view the book by Kuhn is not in philosophy of science, but rather in history of science, and so that there is no justification for the revisionist idea that Carnap would have found Structure philosophically congenial. I support my criticism in the fact that Carnap never refers to Kuhn in his work.