The Standard Model and Beyond: Interrelation between Theory and Reality

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Slobodenyuk, Vladimir
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Numerous attempts of theoretical physicists to create absolute theory - Theory of Everything, which are realized in models GUT, SUSY, supergravity, superstrings, and superbranes, are subject to critical analysis. Attention is payed to the fact, that no, even very exact, theories are able to give exhaustive picture of the phenomenon described. Any theories give only approximate models of the object, reflecting more or less number of its features. But always such its peculiarities remains, that are not taken into consideration in the model because of principle impossibility of absolute exact and complete picture of the nature. Roughness of tools available to human for description of physical world is displayed, particularly, in essential defects of theories describing the nature at the most fundamental level - models of quantum field theory (divergences, renormalizations etc.). Because the models pretending on the role of TOE are not founded on any experimental data contradicting to the Standard Model, then really they even cannot pretend on the role of generalization of the Standard Model.