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Soltau, Andrew
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The nature and topology of time remain an open question in philosophy. Both tensed and tenseless concepts of time appear to have merit. Quantum mechanics demonstrates that both are instantiated, as complementary aspects of the time evolution of physical systems. The linear dynamics is tenseless. It defines the universe probabilistically throughout space-time, and can be seen as the definition of an unchanging block universe. All properties of the universe are defined for the whole extent of the linear time dimension of space-time. The collapse dynamics is the change to the linear dynamics: time evolution of the physical system in the quantum concept of time. This is tensed: different definitions of the probabilistic definition of the space-time universe exist from moment to moment in the quantum concept of time. Thus the linear time dimension of space-time is tenseless, while time in the quantum concept of time is tensed. Exercise of the linear dynamics is experienced as the passage of time, while the exercise of the collapse dynamics is experienced as change.