The Relative Facts Interpretation and Everett's Note Added in Proof

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Conroy, Christina
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In this paper I argue that the development of what I take to be the most charitable, faithful and conservative interpretation of Hugh Everett's pure wave mechanics, the relative facts interpretation, leads to a new reading of the most famous quote of his dissertation: the note added in proof. This addresses the question of how to make sense of Everett's claim that "all elements of a superposition (all "branches") are "actual," none any more "real" than the rest.". I present the RFI, in brief, and show how it leads, by necessity, to a new interpretation of the footnote added in proof using evidence found in unpublished letters written by and to Everett. Given that this footnote is often the strongest proof offered for any of the various interpretations of Everett, it is of vital importance to the project of Everettian interpretation that one understands this footnote properly.