AdS/CFT Duality and the Emergence of Spacetime.

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Rickles, Dean
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The AdS/CFT duality has been a source of several strong conceptual claims in the physics literature. In this paper I focus on one of these: the extent to which spacetime geometry and locality can be said to \emph{emerge} from this duality, so that neither is fundamental. I argue: (1) that the kind of emergence in question is relatively weak, involving one can of spacetime emerging from another kind of spacetime; (2) inasmuch as there is something conceptually interesting to say about the emergence of spacetime and locality (\emph{vis-\`{a}-vis} spacetime ontology), it is no different from that already well known to those within canonical quantum gravity; (3) that at the core of AdS/CFT is an issue of \emph{representation} and \emph{redundancy} in representation.