The Pitt model of trans-disciplinary validity: challenges and prospects

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Stoyanov, Drozdstoj
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Evidence acquired inside the mono-disciplinary matrices of neurobiology, clinical psychology and psychopathology is deeply insufficient in terms of their validity, reliability and specificity, and can not reveal the explanatory mechanisms underlying mental disorders. Moreover no effective trans-disciplinary connections have been developed between them. In epistemological perspective current diagnostic tool are different but overlapping instruments exploring the same phenomenology. In line with the more scientific re-definition of mental disorders we defend the view that this process should take place under intensive (not extensive) dialogue with neuroscience. As Kato suggested only neurobiological studies using modern technology could form the basis for a new classification.This is to say that categorical approach in diagnosis should be abandoned in favor of broader diagnostic constructs (such as dimensional and prototype units) which are endorsed or "flanked" with data from neuroscience. Those broader units should be a subject of comprehensive evaluation of the personal narrative in context.