A πάρεργα und παραλειπŏμενα of J-M. Lévy-Leblond ''On the Conceptual Nature of the Physical Constants''

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Giuseppe, Iurato
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Starting, at first, from some little known but notable formal remarks made by the mathematician Gabriele Darbo about the qualitative dimensional analysis of the physical quantities, for then, above all, take into account some latest science education (d’après diSessa) and philosophy (d’après Gärdenfors) research results, it shall be possible, paraphrasing a celebrated 1851 work of Arthur Schopenhauer, work out a kind of Parerga und Paralipòmena of the basic J-M. Lévy-Leblond paper On the Conceptual Nature of the Physical Constants, published in Rivista del Nuovo Cimento in 1977. The epistemological reconnaissance thereof, might turn out to be of some usefulness in the physics education context as regard, for instance, the meaning of the physical constants, their values and possible further epistemological and pedagogical implications.