The birth of string theory: Introduction and synopsis

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The birth of string theory

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Cappelli, Andrea; Castellani, Elena; Colomo, Filippo; Di Vecchia, Paolo
Cambridge University Press
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This is a draft of the introduction to the collective volume "The birth of string theory" (CUP, 2012), including the book's index and preface. The book explores the history of the theory’s early stages of development, as told by its main protagonists. It journeys from the first version of the theory (the so-called Dual Resonance Model) in the late 1960s, as an attempt to describe the physics of strong interactions outside the framework of quantum field theory, to its reinterpretation around the mid-1970s as a quantum theory of gravity unified with the other interactions, and its successive developments up to the superstring revolution in 1984. The introductive Chapter summarizes the main developments and contains a chronological synopsis with a list of key results and publications.