Price setting in the argentine and colombian manufacturing industry

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Borradores de Economía; No. 90

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Echeverry, Juan Carlos
Banco de la República
E31 - Price Level; Inflation; Deflation; E30 - Prices, Business Fluctuations, and Cycles: General; Argentine; Colombia; Manufacturing industry; Industrias manufactureras -- Precios -- Colombia; Industrias manufactureras -- Precios -- Argentina; Industrias manufactureras -- Colombia; Industrias manufactureras -- Argentina; Precios -- Colombia; Precios -- Argentina; E30 - Precios, fluctuaciones y ciclos económicos: Generalidades; E31 - Nivel de precios; Inflación; Deflación
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A price-setting mechanism based on a markup over variable costs is studied for the quite different inflationary experiences of Argentina and Colombia. The paper pursues a twofold strategy: first, it test the null hypothesis of a constant markup against th