Comercio exterior del Gran Caribe

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Banco de la Republica de Colombia, Documentos de trabajo sobre Economía Regional y Urbana, No: 259

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Bonet-Morón, Jaime Alfredo; Barakat-Niño, Maria Camila; Polo, Lewis Enrique
Banco de la República de Colombia
Comercio exterior; Gran Caribe; Exportaciones; Importaciones; J01 - Labor Economics: General; J31 - Wage Level and Structure; Wage Differentials; L8 - Industry Studies: Services; International trade; Caribbean Basin; Exports; Imports; Caribe (Región, Colombia) -- Comercio exterior -- 2015; Desarrollo económico -- Caribe (Región, Colombia) -- 2015; Desarrollo regional -- Caribe (Región, Colombia) -- 2015; J01 - Economía laboral: generalidades; J31 - Nivel y estructura salarial; Diferencias salariales; L8 - Estudios sectoriales: servicios; Comercio exterior, Gran Caribe, exportaciones, importaciones.
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It is often argued that the Caribbean Basin is one of the greatest opportunities that Colombia has to increase its foreign trade. The country shows strong trade ties with some countries of the Caribbean Basin, particularly Mexico, Panama and Venezuela. However, foreign trade with other Central American countries and those of the insular zone is weak. In general, trade relations between members of the Caribbean Basin are scarce and there is only a remarkable exchange between neighbors or between the larger economies. This is the result of infrequent communications and limited transport between the majority of the members of the Caribbean basin, as well as the existing free trade agreements with developed countries that provide preferential access to these markets. For Colombia, there are opportunities in some products with comparative advantages in some countries. Nevertheless, it requires a robust commercial strategy, especially in those territories with a strong economic opening in which there is significant competence to access those markets.