Reporte de estabilidad financiera - Septiembre de 2014

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Reporte de Estabilidad Financiera - Septiembre de 2014.

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Gerencia Técnica; Vargas-Herrera, Hernando; Subgerencia Monetaria y de Inversiones Internacionales; Cardozo-Ortiz, Pamela Andrea; Departamento de Estabilidad Financiera; Gómez-González, Esteban; Cabrera-Rodríguez, Wilmar Alexander; Castaño-Lavado, Jéssica Fernanda; Clavijo-Ramírez, Felipe; Hurtado-Guarín, Jorge Luis; Jaulín-Méndez, Oscar Fernando; Lemus-Esquivel, Juan Sebastián; Lizarazo-Cuellar, Angélica María; Morales-Mosquera, Miguel Ángel; Pacheco-Bernal, Daisy Johana; Pirateque-Niño, Javier Eliecer; Quicazán-Moreno, Carlos Andrés; Yaruro-Jaime, Ana María Show More Hide
Banco de la República de Colombia
Instituciones financieras; Economía solidaria; Mercado de capitales; Riesgo; Colombia; F65 - Economic Impacts of Globalization: Finance; G20 - Financial Institutions and Services: General; G29 - Financial Institutions and Services: Other; Financial institutions; Economy of solidarity; Capital market; Risk; Estabilidad financiera -- Colombia -- 2014 -- Informes; Banco de la República (Bogotá) -- 2014 -- Informes; Sistema financiero -- Colombia -- 2014 -- Informes; Regulación bancaria -- Colombia -- 2014 -- Informes; F65 - Impactos económicos de la globalización: Finanzas; G20 - Instituciones y servicios financieros: Generalidades; G29 - Instituciones y servicios financieros: Otros
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During the first semester of the year, a weak global demand, a fall of export prices in some countries and a low investment dynamic led to reduced growth forecasts for most Latin American and the Caribbean economies. In contrast, the Colombian economy shows signs of soundness, and growth in 2014 is expected to be at or above 2013 levels, which has been reflected in variableyield securities valuations. As for the public debt market, a flattening of the yield curve was noted, partly in response to an increase in Banco de la República’s (the Central Bank of Colombia) benchmark rate. Regarding credit institutions’ asset accounts, the gross loan portfolio growth remained stable and the investments one decreased. Consequently, the assets share of the latter was reduced. On the liability side, composition showed no substantial changes, with savings accounts, fixed term certificates of deposits (CDT in Spanish) and current accounts being the deposits with the greater participation. In terms of profitability, returns on assets and equity on assets estabilized as a result of a better dynamic recorded by profits, after both indicators had shown a decreasing trend since June 2013.