Bernadette Higgins

Lecturer & Moodle Specialist

Working in the Education sector for over 30 years, I have extensive experience as a lecturer/teacher and IT trainer in the areas of computer technologies, online learning, Humanities, English Language and Maths. I am also Moodle Technical Specialist and staff trainer for the online VLE MOODLE in DBS. I have held the roles of Programme Leader and Subject Leader for the BIS/IT programmes.  In addition to my academic role I have played a central role in the area of staff recruitment, staff mentoring and development in the IT/Computing areas. I was the winner of the ‘Kaplan UK & Ireland Individual Award 2014’, in the ‘Continuous Transformation’ category - a highlight of my career. This was in recognition of my crucial role in driving change in DBS by enabling staff to adapt to change and achieving and accessing government funding for programmes focused on the ICT skills area.