GIS Mapping for Peace Corps

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Huey, Jeremy
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Peace Corps, International volunteerism programs, maps, Geographic Information Sciences, Geography, Physical and Environmental Geography
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International volunteerism programs, such as the Peace Corps, find interested, educated men and women to live abroad in order to help local communities in need of assistance. The goal of this project is to create maps intended to enhance the training of those volunteers. When volunteers leave training programs and head to their prospective service communities, a certain period of time is needed in order to obtain a full grasp of the terrain, boundaries, weather, climate etc. A more effective training program, which incorporates maps of regional climates, environments, landscapes, cultures and resources, will lead to more effective volunteerism. By having these maps during the training period, a volunteer will arrive at their community with a greater set of knowledge. This project provides maps that will supplement an existing training regime in order to create more effective volunteers.

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