The Effects of Microaggressions on Probationers' Psychological Well-Being

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Fujii-Doe, Whitney
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Microagression; Probationers; Psychological Health; Counseling Psychology
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Studies examining microaggressions and individuals in the correctional system are limited. Previous studies have found experiences of perceived microaggressions have a negative impact on an individuals psychological well-being (Nadal, Griffin, Wong, Hamit, and Rasmus, 2014). The current study looked at the effects of microggressions on probationers' psychological well-being. The current study aimed to examine among probationers: hypothesis 1A, the level of microaggressions is significantly negatively associated with self-esteem; 1B, self-esteem will negatively be associated with probationers' psychological well-being; 2A, the experience of microaggressions would significantly predict levels of psychological distress; and hypothesis 2B, self-esteem would be negatively predicted probationers' psychological distress. Utilizing a sample of 87 participants, results indicated participant's experiences of microaggressions predicted levels of psychological distress. The current study suggests limitations with application of the findings and a subsequent discussion of implications.