PTSD, Depression, and Substance Abuse Symptoms in Women Exposed to Intimate Partner Abuse

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Hebenstreit, Claire L.
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Depression; Substance Abuse; Partner Abuse; Psychology
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The present study explores relationships among several established correlates of trauma in women exposed to intimate partner abuse (IPA), including PTSD, depression, and dissociation symptoms as well as alcohol use as well as other trauma-related variables, such as social support and violence exposure. Two analysis methods were utilized: variable-oriented methods, which examine relationships between variables, and person-oriented analysis methods, which examine groupings of participants within a larger sample (N = 233). Results of the variable-oriented analyses indicated positive links among depression, PTSD, dissociation, and alcohol use in women exposed to IPA, as well as positive links between the aforementioned psychological symptoms and exposure to violence. Social support was related to decreased psychological symptoms. Person-oriented analyses indicated the presence of four unique profiles of women within the larger study sample: Profile 1 (n = 21), which was labeled High Dissociation, Low Depression/PTSD; Profile 2 (n = 150), which was labeled Low Symptoms, High Social Support, Profile 3 (n = 41); which was labeled Low Dissociation, High Depression/PTSD; and Profile 4 (n = 22), which was labeled High Symptoms, Low Social Support. This research supports previous findings about the relationships among several variables related to IPA as well as suggests the need for careful consideration of differences among women within the larger context of research, advocacy, and clinical interventions related to IPA.