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Schmuki, Jeff; DesChene, Wendy
Foodture; PlantBot genetics corporation; Biotech companies; Monsantra; Monsanto; Art and Design
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The PlantBot Genetics Corporation parodies and satirically comments on the aggressive and potentially misleading practices of biotech companies. We can only guess what will happen to the world’s food supply after subsequent generations of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and other transgenic modifications are inserted into food crops. In answer to this state of affairs, PlantBot Genetics Inc. grafts plants onto animatronic and remote controlled bases to create organisms with no clear heritage and no clear future. Our bizarre creations emphasize the ridiculousness of actual biotech products through corporate graphics, product descriptions, and marketing techniques. Our company’s chief-selling brand “Monsantra” is named, after Monsanto, the world’s largest supplier and producer of genetically modified seed. Like a B-movie Godzilla, Monsantra and other engineered PlantBots become a hybrid of imagination, possibility, and reality, asking the question, “What will it all become?