Developing a More Effective Teaching Approach to ENG 3850 Special Topics in Literature (The Child and Literature)

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Studies on Teaching and Learning, Vol: 1, Page: 85

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MacKenzie, Clayton G
Hong Kong Baptist University
Thematic approach; child and literature; use of internet in literary studies; Arts and Humanities; English Language and Literature
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I taught the course ENG 3850 Special Topics in Literature (The Child and Literature) for the first time in semester 1 of the academic year 2002-2003. My overall average teaching evaluation for this course was 5.047. I sought ways to improve the quality of delivery and content of the course, proposing to establish a website and to experiment with alternative teaching methodologies. I speculated that a more thematic and critically oriented approach to the course, backed up by internet and other resources, might prove more successful than the rather staid text-based teaching approach I had used for the first implementation of the course.