Existence and Asymptotic Behavior of the Wave Equation with Dynamic Boundary Conditions

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Applied Mathematics & Optimization, ISSN: 0095-4616, Vol: 66, Issue: 1, Page: 81-122

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Graber, Philip Jameson; Said-Houari, Belkacem
Springer Nature; Springer Verlag
Mathematics; Blow up; Damping; Dynamic boundary condition; Exponential growth; Finite time; Source; Wave equation
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The goal of this work is to study a model of the strongly damped wave equation with dynamic boundary conditions and nonlinear boundary/interior sources and nonlinear boundary/interior damping. First, applying the nonlinear semigroup theory, we show the existence and uniqueness of local in time solutions. In addition, we show that in the strongly damped case solutions gain additional regularity for positive times t>0. Second, we show that under some restrictions on the initial data and if the interior source dominates the interior damping term and if the boundary source dominates the boundary damping, then the solution grows as an exponential function. Moreover, in the absence of the strong damping term, we prove that the solution ceases to exists and blows up in finite time. © 2012 Springer Science+Business Media, LLC.