Correction of edge-flame propagation speed in a counterflow, annular slot burner

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Combustion and Flame, ISSN: 0010-2180, Vol: 162, Issue: 12, Page: 4671-4672

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Tran, Manh-Vu; Cha, Min Suk
Elsevier BV
Chemistry; Chemical Engineering; Energy; Physics and Astronomy; Annular counterflow; Edge-flame; Displacement speed; Propagation speed
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To characterize the propagation modes of flames, flame propagation speed must be accurately calculated. The impact of propagating edge-flames on the flow fields of unburned gases is limited experimentally. Thus, few studies have evaluated true propagation speeds by subtracting the flow velocities of unburned gases from flame displacement speeds. Here, we present a counterflow, annular slot burner that provides an ideal one-dimensional strain rate and lengthwise zero flow velocity that allowed us to study the fundamental behaviors of edge-flames. In addition, our burner has easy optical access for detailed laser diagnostics. Flame displacement speeds were measured using a high-speed camera and related flow fields of unburned gases were visualized by particle image velocimetry. These techniques allowed us to identify significant modifications to the flow fields of unburned gases caused by thermal expansion of the propagating edges, which enabled us to calculate true flame propagation speeds that took into account the flow velocities of unburned gases.