Nickel-Catalyzed C–O Bond-Cleaving Alkylation of Esters: Direct Replacement of the Ester Moiety by Functionalized Alkyl Chains

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ACS Catalysis, ISSN: 2155-5435, Vol: 7, Issue: 7, Page: 4491-4496

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Liu, Xiangqian, Jia, Jiaqi, Rueping, Magnus
American Chemical Society (ACS)
Chemical Engineering, alkylation, cross-coupling, C−O activation, decarbonylation, nickel catalysis
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Two efficient protocols for the nickel-catalyzed aryl-alkyl cross-coupling reactions using esters as coupling components have been established. The methods enable the selective oxidative addition of nickel to acyl C-O and aryl C-O bonds and allow the aryl-alkyl cross-coupling via decarbonylative bond cleavage or through cleavage of a C-O bond with high efficiency and good functional group compatibility. The protocols allow the streamlined, unconventional utilization of widespread ester groups and their precursors, carboxylic acids and phenols, in synthetic organic chemistry.

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