A Scalable Parallel PWTD-Accelerated SIE Solver for Analyzing Transient Scattering from Electrically Large Objects

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IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, ISSN: 0018-926X, Vol: 64, Issue: 2, Page: 663-674

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Liu, Yang; Yucel, Abdulkadir; Bagci, Hakan; Michielssen, Eric
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
Physics and Astronomy; Engineering; Fast algorithms; marching-on-in-time (MOT); parallelization; plane-wave time-domain algorithm (PWTD); time domain surface integral equation (TD-SIE); transient scattering; very large-scale problems
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A scalable parallel plane-wave time-domain (PWTD) algorithm for efficient and accurate analysis of transient scattering from electrically large objects is presented. The algorithm produces scalable communication patterns on very large numbers of processors by leveraging two mechanisms: 1) a hierarchical parallelization strategy to evenly distribute the computation and memory loads at all levels of the PWTD tree among processors and 2) a novel asynchronous communication scheme to reduce the cost and memory requirement of the communications between the processors. The efficiency and accuracy of the algorithm are demonstrated through its applications to the analysis of transient scattering from a perfect electrically conducting (PEC) sphere with a diameter of 70 wavelengths and a PEC square plate with a dimension of 160 wavelengths. Furthermore, the proposed algorithm is used to analyze transient fields scattered from realistic airplane and helicopter models under high frequency excitation.