Transfer of Old 'Reactivated' Memory Retrieval Cues in Rats.

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Learning and motivation, ISSN: 0023-9690, Vol: 39, Issue: 1, Page: 13-23

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Briggs, James F.; Riccio, David C.
Elsevier BV; Digital Commons @ Kent State University Libraries
Social Sciences; Psychology; reactivation; memory; retrieval; transfer; context; old memory; cues; rat
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The present studies examined whether the retrieval of an old 'reactivated' memory could be brought under the control of new contextual cues. In Experiment 1 rats trained in one context were exposed to different contextual cues either immediately, 60 min, or 120 min after a cued reactivation of the training memory. When tested in the shifted context, subjects exposed shortly after reactivation treated the shifted context as the original context. This transfer diminished with longer post-reactivation delays. Experiment 2 replicated the basic finding and demonstrated that the transfer of the old retrieval cues was specific to the contextual cues present during exposure. These findings are consistent with previous research (i.e., Briggs, Fitz, & Riccio, in press) showing the transfer of retrieval cues for a new memory, and demonstrating a similarity (in this case) between newly acquired and old reactivated memories.