The Effects of Immigration on the U.S. Economy

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CONFERENCE: Kent State University at Stark Annual Student Conference

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Immigration helps to build the U.S. economy by creating jobs for American workers. Immigrants are 30% more likely to create a small business than non-immigrants, and immigrants make up 18% of all small business owners. This creates 4.7 million jobs alone for the American people and generates $776 billion annually (Fiscal Policy Institute 2007 reports). The Comprehensive Immigration Reform could create up to 900,000 new jobs and raise the American GDP by .08% to 1.3% in 2012 to 2016. Though in the case of illegal immigration, there are mixed opinions. Many economists say that it hurts America because almost all illegal immigrants use government funded services but very few pay taxes. Because of this, they harm the economy by forcing the people to pay on average about 52 billion more dollars in taxes a year. Other opinions suggest that illegal immigration helps the economy in lowering the cost of labor which directly affects the price of goods sold to the consumer.