Variation in the quantity of lachrymal film before and after the working day in workers of Maderas Pinares Industry

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Ciencia y Tecnología para la Salud Visual y Ocular, ISSN: 2389-8801, Issue: 7, Page: 43-48

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Cruz Bohórquez, Ana María; López Villanueva, Diana Paola; Malagón Cruz, William Emigdio; Jiménez Barbosa, Ingrid Astrid
Universidad de La Salle. Revistas. Ciencia y Tecnología para la Salud Visual y Ocular.; Universidad de La Salle, Bogotá, Colombia
Risk factors; dry eye; schirmer test; Factor de riesgo; ojo seco; schirmer test
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Dry eye may be caused by working environment due to exposition to temperatures and flying particles, such as wood. A Schirmer test 1 wsa done before and after the working day to a sample of 40 male patients between 20 and 50 years old at the company Maderas Pinares divided in two groups of 20 workers each. The first group who was in direct contact with the predisposition factor, and the second group who was not to be considered as control group. It was found that environment pollution in the workplace has an accumulative influence on the quantity of lachrymal film in exposed workers and it also has a strong repercussion at the end of the working week in both groups with a value t =1.01 of signification. Based on the Murube questionnaire it was founf that an 80% of workers exposed to the risk factor present symptoms of dry eye and the non exposed group was a 55%.