Cyclopoid Copepods (Lichomolgidae) Associated with the Scleractinian Cyphastrea in New Caledonia

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Humes, Arthur G.
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Diallagomolgus n. gen., from hard corals of the genus Cyphastrea in intertidal pools in New Caledonia, is characterized by the third segment of the second antenna being longer than the fourth segment, the mandible bearing a triangular proximally directed toothlike process on its base, and the second maxilla having an extremely abbreviated lash. Two new species of Diallagomolgus are described, Diallagomolgus productus from Cyphastrea chalcidicum and Cyphastrea gardineri and Diallagomolgus vicinus from Cyphastrea chalcidicum. A key to genera of Lichomolgidae with only one terminal element on two-segmented endopod of leg 4 is provided.