Tsunami Hazard at Proposed Sites for Kalaupapa Infirmary, Molokai

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Cox, Doak C.
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The tsunami research group at the Hawaii Institute of Geophysics was asked by Urban 9, consultants to DAGS in planning for a new infirmary at Kalaupapa, Molokai, to advise on the tsunami hazard at proposed sites for the infirmary. When management criteria for the natural hazards have been officially adopted, I believe that it is the responsibility of the proposers of developments, permitting agencies, and their consultants to apply the criteria to proposed developments. At present, however, the only tsunami hazard zoning that has been officially adopted is that establishing the evacuation zone for tsunami warnings. The prohibition of construction within all of this zone would, however, be over-protective. More pertinent, I believe, to the evaluation of the tsunami hazard at the proposed sites for the infirmary will be the methods used in the establishment of the coastal high hazard zone under the Federal Flood Insurance Program. Unfortunately these methods have not as yet been officially approved, or even completely developed. Hence, it appears appropriate that the University should provide much more guidance to the estimation of tsunami hazards, than would otherwise be the case.