WRRCTR No.179 Aquifer identification and classification for Oahu: Groundwater protection strategy for Hawaii

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Mink, John F.; Lau, L. Stephen
aquifers; aquifer characteristics; aquifer systems; groundwater; aquifer classification; Aquifer Code; groundwater protection strategy; Class I groundwaters; Oahu; Hawaii
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In response to the need to identify and describe aquifers for each island of the state of Hawaii to serve as a framework for groundwater protection strategy, a program has been initiated to classify and assign codes to the principal aquifers of the State. This first report provides Aquifer Codes and Status Codes for the island of Oahu. The Aquifer Codes incorporate locational and descriptive indices, while the Status Codes indicate the developability, utility, quality, uniqueness and vulnerability to contamination of the groundwater resources. The codes were generated for Hawaiian conditions of groundwater occurrence and behavior in preference to employing the DRASTIC approach suggested by the U.S. EPA. Each Aquifer Type within an Aquifer System is assigned an Aquifer Code consisting of an eight-digit number. An Aquifer Code is unique and non-repeatable in the State. Accompanying the Aquifer Code is a Status Code of five digits. A Status Code is specific to an Aquifer Code. The Oahu classification includes 6 Aquifer Sectors, 24 Aquifer Systems, and 90 Aquifer Codes.