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Wright, Celia Ann
Modern dance -- Hawaii
thesis / dissertation description
My background in dance began with classical ballet, not in a rigid, structured format but in a small, let's-have-fun school. This naturally developed my love for dance - the friendships, the physical exercise, and the ecstatic joy of moving through space. I later .' progressed to more structured ballet classes and became thoroughly involved with the • ballet world in Hawaii and never strayed until college. While completing my BFA, I found myself exploring the world of, jazz (not hip-hop) and my presented piece at the Kennedy Lab Theatre was a piece that included both ballet and jazz. I continually fought the modern dance concepts and dismissing them as nonsense and crazy. I was young. " , Now my life is completing a circle and I finally understand 'modem dance' concepts and fully embrace them . During my MFA 'studies Ire-visited Labanotation concepts, learned about Laban Movement Analysis and found them to be very useful tools in teaching ballet and modem technique classes.