Maunalua: Fishing with a Digital Net (with CD)

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Kirk, Anne Marie
Polynesia - Hawaii
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My name is Ann Marie Nalani Kirk. I am a storyteller. I tell stories that interest me. I help people tell their stories. This is what I do. The story I want to tell you is about the area where I come from - Maunalua in East O'ahu in the Hawaiian Islands. My style of storytelling is to "throw net." Throw net around the story and bring in everything I can to tell it. I then pick and choose from the best parts I've collected that will help me tell the story. I choose what gives me a sense of connection and feeling. I decided to throw my storytelling net around my hometown - Maunalua. But why there? Our community had been dealing with a homeowner who put up a locked gate in 1997 blocking an access lane to a popular ocean and surf spot called "Seconds." This access way had been used by my family for nearly 40 years, and had been habitually used by other community members for an even longer period of time. To look through a locked gate and see the ocean behind it, the ocean I love and the beach I grew up on, inaccessible to me, to all of us, I couldn't breathe, it was as if the air had been taken away. This started a long, and many times frustrating journey for myself and my community to have the gate taken down and to have the ocean accessible to us again.