Ku'u Mo'olelo Ke Ahupua'a 'O Kahana Ame Eminent Domain: My Story of the Kahan Ahupua'a and Eminent Domain

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Patria, Barbara Frances Pregil
Polynesia - Hawaii; Kahana Valley
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My Mo'olelo or story is about the Ahupua'a O Kahana and Eminent Domain. A little known law in 1965, Eminent Domain, allowed the Hawai'i State Government to legally "steal" the land and resources from the original, private land-owners at that time. In order to fully comprehend my concern about Eminent Domain and how it affected the Kahana Valley Ahupua'a and the people living there, one would need to know the history of land tenure and the events which lead up to the State's decision to exercise its power of Eminent Domain. Based on Senator John Hulten's 1965 Report Concerning the Proposed Park Development of Kahana Valley, the State Legislature acted on the concept of Eminent Domain. Senator Hulten was instrumental in the implementation of Eminent Domain, based on his recommendations. In 1965 when the State of Hawai'i started legal proceedings to acquire the Ahupua'a O Kahana or Kahana Valley, three groups of people were affected by this "large-scale land grab"; people who were the legal landowners, people whose families had lived there for many generations and people who were newcomers to Kahana Valley.