Missionary lives : Papua, 1874-1914 

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Langmore, Diane
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Missionary Lives offers a compelling portrait of the remarkable Europeans who went to Papua to spread the gospel. Using a biographical model, Diane Langmore explores the economic, social, intellectual, and religious backgrounds of all 327 men and women. The results reveal a diverse collection of people who defy easy categorization, whose beliefs, values, and aspirations influenced Papuan lives and culture. This is a vivid and sympathetic account of ordinary human beings confronted by the loneliness and frustrations of frontier life. How they handled the novel situations in which they found themselves makes a fascinating story. A wide range of primary sources enriches this work: private papers, diaries, and the author’s correspondence and interviews with descendants of some of the missionaries.

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Lucian Tapiedi

Lucian Tapiedi – 1942) was a Papuan Anglican teacher who was one of the "New Guinea Martyrs." The Martyrs were eight Anglican clergy, teachers, and medical missionaries killed by the Japanese in 1942 (a total of 333 church workers of all denominations were killed during the in...

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