Apmam Tiemp Ti Uli'e Hit (Long Time No See): Chamorro Diaspora and the Transpacific Home

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Bennett, Jesi Lujan
Chamorro Culture -- Diaspora; Micronesia Guam
thesis / dissertation description
This thesis explores Chamorro migration and settlement within new diasporic spaces like San Diego, California. It shows how Chamorros living away from their home islands still find ways to stay connected to their cultural roots through their transpacific homes and identities. The movement of Chamorros to the United States changes how Chamorros choose to articulate their indigeneity. This thesis examines the challenges and nuances of living in the transpacific diaspora through the examination of Chamorro organizations, clothing brands, and festivals. Today there are more Chamorros living away from their home islands than on them. This project shows that Pacific Islanders abroad continue to keep strong links to their home islands despite their physical location.