An Educational Philosophy Incorporating The Ideas Of William Glasser And Transactional Analysis

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Au, Jeannie
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The ideas of William Glasser were first introduced to the writer in a Foundations course in Education. The writer was impressed with Glasser's concept of students' failures in the schools. Glasser believed that the emphasis on a child's failure was the cause of problems such as drugs, drop outs, and lack of motivation in schools. Glasser's suggestions for classroom meetings to vent the feelings of students and solve problems impressed the writer as an effective method of management as well as a learning experience for the children. While doing an Observation-Participation experience at Aina Haina school for a year, the writer had the opportunity to see Glasser's suggestions used effectively. Classroom meetings were conducted regularly by the classroom teacher according to Glasser's suggestions. His methods for discipline in the classroom were used.