Instructional Design: Symphony 101 an Online Media Based Learning Platform

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Gochenouer, James
instructional design, symphony, ADDIE Model, Gagne, nine events of instruction, music
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Studies have shown that listening to classical music can raise IQ, relieve stress, improve creativity, and provide mental and physical health benefits to its listeners. An important source for classical music can be found in the Symphony Orchestra. Yet, due to the drop of sales and attendance, symphony orchestras are on the decline. According to the Horizon Report (2013), online learning has become popular for many adults across the nation. Therefore, in this research study online multimedia modules were created in an effort to connect with this demographic, allowing them to discover and appreciate live classical music. The purpose of this Instructional Design project was to develop and evaluate the impact of using an online multi-media based website on learning the history, instrumentation, form, and modern day use of the Symphony Orchestra for adults in the state of Hawaiʻi. Hawaiʻi residents between the ages of 18-65 were invited to participate in this study. This study incorporated the Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation (ADDIE) method as well as Gagne’s Nine Events of Instruction, and also incorporated: multimedia presentations, pre/post surveys, online tools, and assessments. Attitudinal survey responses indicated that participants found this project to increase their interest and motivation in listening to live symphony orchestra concerts and music. Results of the assessment scores also indicated that participants experienced a greater understanding the symphony and how it works. The data collected from this study could help guide future educators of the arts in using web-based instruction to effectively connect with their learners, especially in the field of classical music instruction.