Student interview for Place-Based WAC/WID writing instruction in Urban and Regional Planning, clip 2 of 15

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Place-based WAC/WID Hui
place-based writing; writing across the curriculum; writing in the disciplines; Writing Intensive courses; scholarship of teaching and learning; writing pedagogy; general education requirements; socialization; kind of learning; experiential learning; educational context; identity; sense of place; local/non-local; group project; classroom comfort; instructor's classroom culture; diversity; mixed-major classrooms
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Brief excerpt from interview: The relationships between the students themselves was very positive, and friendly and open . . . I was able to make friends easily . . . Everyone in the class seemed to have someone to talk to . . . At the same time, Dr. Das made it feel that way as well . . . Even when she was lecturing to us, there was a sort of that feeling of just being together in a big group where we could shout out our suggestions and ideas, and share willingly and comfortably without being shut down or anything . . . I think a lot of it [the dynamic] came from some group projects we did . . . We had an urban planning project where we had to design fictional redevelopment for a city . . . We had these groups [of about 5 people], and we had to work extensively on that. It was really fun. About half were local. A lot of them were architecture students . . . a lot of them were from Hong Kong, Korea . . . It was really mixed, there was a guy from Australia, people from the mainland. Very broad.