Automated Anomaly Detection in Distribution Grids Using uPMU Measurements

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Jamei, Mahdi; Scaglione, Anna; Roberts, Ciaran; Stewart, Emma; Peisert, Sean; McParland, Chuck; McEachern, Alex
HICSS Conference Office
Intrusion Detection; Anomaly Detection; Micro-Phasor Measurement Unit; Distribution Grid
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The impact of Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs) for providing situational awareness to transmission system operators \ has been widely documented. Micro-PMUs (uPMUs) \ are an emerging sensing technology that can provide similar \ benefits to Distribution System Operators (DSOs), enabling a \ level of visibility into the distribution grid that was previously \ unattainable. In order to support the deployment of these \ high resolution sensors, the automation of data analysis and \ prioritizing communication to the DSO becomes crucial. In this \ paper, we explore the use of uPMUs to detect anomalies on \ the distribution grid. Our methodology is motivated by growing \ concern about failures and attacks to distribution automation \ equipment. The effectiveness of our approach is demonstrated \ through both real and simulated data.