A Workaround of EHR - A Logistics/Reporting System Development

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Hsu, Sonya HY; Dick, Steven
HICSS Conference Office
IT Architectures and Implementations in Healthcare Environments; application development, business process management, Electronic Health Record, reporting system, workaround
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This project presents a use case - The Lab (TL) services multiple hospitals, medical centers, and physicians’ offices in the southern area of the United States. Applying systematic methods of business process management, the project manager and development team clarify requirements, analyze the processes, develop logistics and create a reporting system for TL. The system must be designed to retrieve data with limited time and costs for an inundated EHR system. In this project, the authors try to define the logistic requirements of TL and the needs an electronic form for an information management system. For example, automate processes and eliminate waste. Besides the EHR software, the goal of this project is to improve web-based logistics and reporting system while maintaining HIPAA compliant controls. The project achieves the goals, but the workaround system is still cumbersome yet workable.