Managing Complex Work Systems via Crowdworking Platforms: How Deutsche Bank Explores AI Trends and the Future of Banking with Jovoto

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Mrass, Volkmar; Peters, Christoph; Leimeister, Jan Marco
HICSS Conference Office
Crowd-based Platforms; Crowdsourcing, Crowdworking Platforms, Complex Work Systems, Deutsche Bank, Jovoto
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Crowdsourcing has evolved into a powerful new instrument for companies. In the last years, crowdworking platforms that manage work systems as intermediaries between crowdsourcers and crowd workers have increasingly been used. Nevertheless, they currently often manage rather simple work systems. Although they have the potential for managing more complex ones, there is still little knowledge how this can be done and what measures are necessary to do so. To explore this question in more detail, we investigate three seminal projects that Deutsche Bank completed with the crowdworking platform Jovoto and that aimed at exploring AI trends and developing concepts for the future of banking. We derive measures necessary for the successful management of complex work systems and provide a model as guidance for both companies and crowdworking platform operators. With our findings, we extend current knowledge in the realm of IS, organizational theory, and platform ecosystems