The Cipher Mail Transport Protocol (CMTP)

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Moroney, Jonathan
thesis / dissertation description
The Cipher Mail Transport Protocol (CMTP) is a new mail transport system designed to make encryption the default option for email. This thesis lays out what a modern email system is, how it works, the shortcomings of the current system and will propose CMTP as a solution. CMTP provides a solution to these problems in an effort to secure email transmission and storage. In- spired by the Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) email security system, CMTP implements public key cryptography, hidden from users, while maintaining the broad usability of email. This is in contrast to secure protocols that pre-date CMTP and generally provide good security, but reduce usability. After an initial, unauthenticated key exchange, CMTP encrypts and authenticates all messages. In this way, CMTP provides security without compromising usability.