Xiaoyu Song DrPH


Xiaoyu Song, DrPH has substantive research instatistical genetics and quantile regression methods. She has developed variousquantile based tools for genome-wide association (GWA), gene expression andproteogenomic studies to identify genomic architecture of complex humandiseases. In particular, Dr. Song has served on the NCI's Clinical ProteomicTumor Analysis Consortium (CPTAC) to accelerate our understanding of themolecular basis of cancer through the application of large-scale proteogenomicsdata analysis. She has also served as co-Investigator on two statisticalmethodology grants funded by NIH/NHGRI to introduce quantile regression to GWA,sequencing and eQTL studies. Dr. Song collaborates widely with world renownedresearchers from GTEx Consortium, cancer research, HIV/AIDS, adolescent healthand reproductive health. Her full publication list is available at (PubMed).

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